CSA Farms

So you want fresh organic vegetables but you don’t want to, or can’t grow them yourself. What are you to do? You could go to a farmers market or another alternative that has been around for a while, and growing in popularity is Community Supported Agriculture farms (CSA). I tried one last fall and it was great. You get a box of fresh seasonal vegetables that will feed 4-6 people every week, they also provide you with on line recipes on how to cook the produce. The thing I liked about the CSA is that I got a lot more information about my food directly from the farmer, and got some great tips on how to prepare the food and it turns out I love collard and beet greens. The cost is reasonable about $20-35 a week and you can choose to be part of the whole season or just the summer or fall. If you’re looking for more savings some of the CSA’s have reduced prices if you volunteer to work the fields.

If you want to get some good tips on growing vegetables and ways to fertilize and control weeds organically you can’t do any better then learning on the job. I took the information I learned and almost tripled the production of my home garden. If you are interested just type in CSA subscription farms Skagit valley in the search window and it will list some of the CSA farms in the area. Some farms like New Earth Farms offers a 6 week fall share if you would like to get started by mid October. Other CSA groups will offer other items like eggs, meats, cheese, bread and fruit.

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